Golden Colorado Internet.

Internet Access

Dial in services for local access to the Net.

If you would like to use Golden Colorado Internet as your dial up access to the Internet, the following charges apply.


Cost per month

 Unlimited flat fee dial in access up to 56K and one E-Mail box


 Additional Internet mail box (our domain or your domain)


 "." (dot) domains or sub-domains*


For a 12 month pre-payment, you will receive a 10% discount on the above prices.

*A "." dot or sub-domain is an identifier that works off of an existing domain. For example, our domain is "" and if you enter "" you will go to our home page. We also have several sub (dot) domains set up. Enter "" and you will receive information about one of our associates. The same type of set up can be created for you and your company for Web Access and E-Mail.

We also have a few opportunities for dedicated and higher speed full time access. Please contact us directly for technical specifications and costs.

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